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Why leave your ideal performance environment?


We understand that you don't always want to leave your ideal acoustic environment or rehearsal space to record. Comfort in your environment can be the key to the most exceptional and inspiring performances.

To make this vision come true we can bring our 16-track Focusrite-based mobile studio to your ideal recording environment. Set up is rapid and unobtrusive and we ensure that the recordings will reflect the quality of your chosen space.

Particularly ideal for larger ensembles such as choirs and orchestras who often have established rehearsal and performance venues. Equally appropriate for organists whose instruments refuse to move, and for any musicians who love to perform in a favourite space outside of the conventional recording studio environment.


Some examples:

Gill Bowman's lovely Christmas tune was recorded on location in the rehearsal and performance area of her premises in Edinburgh, and mixed and mastered back at our studios.

The brass on these Session Crew covers of Deep Purple's "Hush", and The Who's "Can You See the Real Me" was recorded on location to add to the rest of the track recorded at the studio.

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