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How it works


Our Remote Session Services are designed from the ground up to help you to bring your musical vision from your head into the real world. We ensure that we understand what you require from the outset and then remain sympathetic to your guidance and feedback throughout the process. We ensure that the final product meets your satisfaction and then deliver it in the format(s) you require. You pay at key pre-agreed stages of the process only when you are satisfied.

Specific details on each of our Remote Session Services can be found here:

Listen: Soundcloud compilation of some of my studio, stage and session performances


First we make sure we understand your vision and what we can do to help you to realise that vision.


Once we understand your requirements we will make a written proposal of the services we will offer, and a timeline including project milestones and costs. Once the plan is agreed we will begin work on realising your vision.


At each key stage of the project we will provide you with demos for your approval. You provide feedback on these demos. This feedback is incorporated into revisions to the work (if required). Further feedback can be incorporated in subsequent iterations.


Once final version(s) have been agreed we deliver audio files to your exact specifications - whether multitracks of multiple mic setups, stems or fully-mixed and mastered versions. Where you wish to maintain control over the final mix we can offer advice on incorporating multi-mic setups for the desired style and ambience. We usually deliver files via the WeTransfer web-based file transfer service.

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