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Looking to complete your artistic vision with bespoke Hammond, Wurlitzer, upright or other keys, but don't have access to the instruments or players? We can provide beautifully played and recorded parts to your specification in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Bring the sensation of the real moving air of swirling Leslies, screaming Hammonds and dirty Wurlies to your recordings. We are sensitive to your requirements, whether they be fundamental rhythm section parts, motifs for feature or contrast, or simply a touch of icing on the cake. We can provide the full range of tone, from the sweetest pure sounds, to the dirtiest tube-driven growls using our range of amps and tubes. Mix the parts low for texture, or high as a feature.

Session recordings benefit from our high-quality and fully-featured studio and equipment. We can provide style-appropriate multi-mic recordings or stereo mixes according to your guidance and needs.

How it works

  • We Listen: We ensure that we understand what you want to achieve from our Classic Keys session services.

  • You Agree a Plan: We propose the instruments (see full details below), the style and the recording approach for your project based on style, genre etc. We establish project timetable, milestones and payment schedule. Once you agree the plan we begin the recording process. 

  • You Feedback: At each key stage of the project we will provide you with demos of instrument parts, individually and in the mix, for your approval. You provide feedback on these demos. This feedback is incorporated into revisions to the work (if required). Further feedback can be incorporated in subsequent iterations.

  • We Deliver: Once final version(s) have been agreed we deliver audio files to your exact specifications - whether multitracks of multiple mic setups, stems or fully-mixed stereo versions. Where you wish to maintain control over the final mix we can offer advice on incorporating multi-mic setups for the desired style and ambience. 

Listen: A montage of a handful of my studio and live session performances over the years. A wide range of genres,  styles, and instruments.

Rates start at GBP80 per track, with 2 revisions included.


Hammond A100

The B3 with an additional power amp

Dubbed "Franco" by Tiny and Ron at Hammond Organ Hire who lovingly restored this late Hammond to a better than new condition. Tiny and Ron's restored Hammonds reveal the original top end lost in so many aging Hammonds of today, providing power and a sound that is able to cut through the mix.

This A100, which has the inner workings of a B3 in a home-style cabinet, is paired with a restored mid-60s Leslie 145 cabinet. With this classic combination we can provide the staple Hammond tones. Providing flexibility the DI fitted to the organ can be provided clean, or run hard through our Marshall for the Jon Lord "beast" sound.

Wurlitzer EP 200A

The classic electric piano - from Ray Charles to Rock to Trip Hop.

We love the gritty sound of this electric piano. The growling and characterful alternative to a Rhodes with its distinctive tremelo. This pristine piano can be recorded clean for the Portishead vibe or through one of our Class A amps for the classic dirty Wurlitzer sound.


Yamaha U1 Upright piano

The perfect acoustic piano for contemporary recordings

While an upright, thanks to its large soundboard and design the Yamaha U1 boasts a powerful low end which can bring depth and resonance to your music. The high end is strong and bright allowing this instrument to cut through even a busy mix. It's also rather wonderful to play, allowing great sensitivity of performance. All of these qualities make it an ideal instrument for contemporary music of all genres.

Korg Mini 700s

Quirky and full of character

Somewhat of an esoteric collectors item, this 1974 monophonic synth came to us ready customised in a rather fetching green paint job. Simple but capable of some very distinctive and deeply analogue sounds, worthy of consideration for some uniquely organic synth textures.

Soft synths.JPG

Soft Clavs, Rhodes, Mellotrons, synths and more besides

When the full pallette is required

Beyond the real instruments available we can also provide extremely authentic and atmospheric emulations of other classic keyboards through our extensive collection of market-leading software instruments. The recordings, as with all of our instruments, can utilise the full benefits of our amp, mic and outboard collection, within our hybrid analogue/digital recording set up.

Nord Stage EX

Workhorse of the stage and studio

With their distinctive red livery, Nord keyboards have become the goto all-rounder keyboards for stage and studio. With great pianos, organs, and a fully-featured synth section, as well as a fantastic piano weighted keyboard, our Nord is the main MIDI and live keyboard for performance and composition.

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