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World-class online session band for hire

DomNearyMusic is proud to offer a bespoke full band session, mix and mastering service. Ideal for:

  • Solo singer/songwriters who want to translate their recorded music into a full band context.

  • Songwriters looking to realise their track's potential in the band setting.

  • Original full-band backing tracks for live vocal performance.

How it works

  • We Listen: We ensure that we understand what you want to achieve from our Session Crew services.

  • You Agree a Plan: We provide CVs and audio examples of the Session Crew members we propose for your project based on style, genre etc. We establish project timetable, milestones and payment schedule. Once you agree the plan we begin the recording process. 

  • You Feedback: At each key stage we provide demos of instrument parts, mixes and masters. You provide feedback which is incorporated into a new iteration. Only when you are happy do we progress to the next stage.

  • We Deliver: Once the final version(s) are agreed we deliver files to your specifications - whether individual parts, stems, final mixes and/or masters.

Listen to some examples of the Session Crew at work


We are currently obtaining clearances and constructing this section of the site, but please see below for links to selected members of the Session Crew. We will be adding members and links as they become available.

Drums and Percussion

Andy Gray

Andy Mawer

More coming soon...

Andy M on stage.jpg


Sean Doyle

More coming soon...

Sean Bass.jpg


Damon Chivers

Paul Williams

More coming soon...

Mark on stage.jpg


Dom Neary

More coming soon...

My hands on stage 1.jpg


Beth Porter

More coming soon...

Beth listening.jpg


Coming soon...

Grant on stge.jpg
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