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What they say


Classic Keys

"Dom provided us with a piano line which surpassed expectations. His ability to not only work remotely to the brief but take it somewhere more interesting and suitable was amazing."

Ian Potter, singer-songwriter (Oxfordshire, UK)

"I have known Dom for many years, and have been lucky enough to collaborate with him on many live and recorded projects. He has a knack for getting the right part, with the right sound for any tune. A consummate pianist, keyboard player and arranger/mixer. Highly recommended."

Damon Chivers, freelance guitarist (Hertfordshire, UK)

"I have worked with Dom on various projects, using his session services both live and remotely. I can truly say he has an amazing feel and talent for coming up with great ideas. He is always my go to person and is one of the best arrangers and musicians I know."

Alaska Lyle, singer-songwriter (London UK)


The Session Crew

"I used the Session Crew to create backing tracks for my tour of some major venues in the UK. From the quality of the musicians and final mix through to the ease and cost of the service I was delighted."

Established West End lead performer (London, UK)

String Quartet

Strings and Orchestration

"I asked Dom to provide an orchestral arrangement for a tune I wrote. With a fairly loose idea of what I wanted he totally exceeded all my expectations. Fantastic ear, top guy, great musician!"

Derek Jones, guitarist and songwriter (Bavaria, Germany)

"When I started my new project I really wanted to work with Dom and luckily for me distance is no longer an obstacle! Dom has done several remote sessions creating incredible string, piano and orchestral parts. He is a really thoughtful player and a lovely guy to work with."

Nikki McGuinness, singer-songwriter (London, UK)

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