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The Mic Locker

Large Diaphragm Condensors - capture the body and the air

SE Gemini II tube mic

SE 4400a multi-pattern matched pair

Warm Audio WA87 matched pair

Warm Audio WA47 tube matched pair

SE 2200a

Rode NT3

Small Diaphragm Condensors - when transients matter

AKG 451b matched pair

AKG C1000S matched pair

4x AKG C418 clip-ons

Dymanic mics - workhorses of studio and stage

SM 58s

SM 57s

2x Senheisser MD421

Electrovoice RE20

AKG D112 kick mic

Ribbons - smooth and open

SE RNR1 - Rupert Neve Designs

SE RT1 tube ribbon


Allen & Heath GS R24M Hybrid Desk

With great sounding preamps, musical EQ and full DAW integration, the GS R24M is the perfect centrepiece to the studio. Used to capture sounds as intended, to get hands on with an "in-the-box" mix, or to run a fully-automated analogue mix through the desk.

It also looks very cool in the dark.


Specialist Preamps

We have a full range of pre-amps that can be used to capture the tone and level of clarity you desire.

Dave Hill Europa 1

Rupert Neve Designs 511s (pair)

Focusrite ISA One

Focusrite Octopre mk2 Dynamic

Focusrite Pro40

GS R24M Allen and Heath Solid state and tube channels

Joe Meek VC3




2x Rupert Neve Designs 551 EQ

2x API 550b EQ

The very musical Allen and Heath 4-band GS R24M EQ


Warm Audio WA 76

Joe Meek Stereo SC2.2

Drawmer LX20 Dual Expander/Compressor

Alesis 3630 Compressor/Limiter/Gate


Line 6 Bass Pod Pro

Zoom Studio 1204

Vox Tonelab ST


Plugin Collection

An extensive array of UAD, Waves, Soundtoys, IK Multimedia and many more boutique providers' plugins are available to enhance your mix.




Adam A77X mid/nearfield monitors

Avantone mixcubes

Fluid Audio F1 Sub


Beyerdynamic DT100 x 3

Beyerdynamic DT150

Shure SRH1840 Reference Headphones

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