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Add a new dimension to your tracks

DomNearyMusic offers an arrangement and orchestration service to songwriters and bands who are looking to add strings or broader orchestral arrangements to their recordings.

How it works

  • We Listen: We ensure that we understand the style of arrangement and orchestration you envisage for your composition.

  • You Agree a Plan: We propose a plan including a project timetable, milestones and payment schedule. Once you agree the plan we begin the writing and recording process. 

  • You Feedback: At each key stage we provide mock-ups of the orchestration, in the mix and in isolation. You provide feedback which is incorporated into a new iteration. Only when you are happy do we progress to the next stage. Once the final arrangements are agreed we will generate audio files, caringly constructed from our range of orchestral libraries. In the case of string quartets we can provide live recordings for an additional session fee.

  • We Deliver: Once the final recorded arrangements are agreed we deliver files to your specifications - whether individual parts, stems, final mixes and/or masters.

Some Examples:

Online Orchestration Sessions. Listen to the excerpts in the mix here:

Client: Nikki McGuinness

Client: Derek Jones

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