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Putting it all together

We mix your music the way you want it to sound. Using our hybrid analogue/digital set-up based around an Allen and Heath GS R24M console, our extensive collection of plugins and outboard we can realise your vision. We can even add additional parts when requested.

We can provide Mastering Services (for an additional fee) to finalise your track and prepare it for all media and formats.

How it works:

  • We listen: You tell us what sound you are looking to achieve and how (in the box, through our analogue desk, hybrid etc.).

  • You agree a plan: We confirm the desired style and techniques for your tracks. We establish a timeframe to completion, milestones and a payment schedule. Once you agree the plan we begin the mixing process.

  • You feedback: We provide an initial mix for you to comment on. We incorporate the feedback into a revised mix. We provide up to two mix revisions free of charge.

  • We deliver: We master the track if requested and deliver the final track(s) in the format(s) required.

Soundcloud playlist link: selection of tracks recently recorded and mixed by domnearymusic

Rates start at GBP100 per track, with 2 revisions included.

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