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Session keys showreel - an interesting stroll down memory lane

So, I've spent the last day or so stretching the limits of my archiving system to put together a showreel (click here to hear it on Soundcloud) of a handful of my keyboard performances over the years to serve as examples for my Session/Classic Keys services - incorporating the Hammond, Wurly, piano, synths, clav and many more keys beyond. A mix of live, studio and online sessions, solos and backings, and across a surprisingly wide range of genres now I look back... Enjoy the ride! I certainly have done. Do let me know what you think.

With thanks to all of the artists and players that have inspired me, and been willing to share their vision, music, talents, stages and studios with me over the years.

If you think I can add something to your next track or album, get in touch on info@domnearymusic,com and explore more at

Here's the address if the link doesn't work - just cut and paste:

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